• A term used instead of "amateur"


Andrew - …I don't know why you're digging in your heels, here. You've screwed up legal analysis. That's not a big deal — you're not a lawyer. Why not just say "oops, I didn't realize this was a settlement, and now that I look at the Act, I get that this is limited in scope?" Lots of other people have done that on this thread already, includingEric [sic] Brewer, and I was a lot more sarcastic to him than I was to you.
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David Smalley - Armature? Fuck you. Being an attorney doesn't make you right 100% of the time. You clearly have no idea what I do for a living to call me an amateur.
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Andrew Torrez - David Smalley Wow, that escalated quickly.
Dude: "Amateur" just means "not a professional." You're not a lawyer, so when you're analyzing legal documents, you're doing so as an amateur. That's NOT AN INSULT. That's FACT.

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