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Thomas Smith

What other shows has Thomas Appeared on?

Andrew Torrez

What other shows has Andrew Appeared on?

What law related books does Andrew recommend?


Who has appeared on the Show?

How do I find out more about Andrew Seidel?


Who does the opening and closing dialog for the episodes?

Who is Brian and why does he keep getting fired?


What does the injoke ___ mean?

  • Many of the references and injokes can be found here, List of References. This list doesn't usually include general pop culture references

The reference I'm after isn't on the list, what does it mean?

  • If you can't find what you're after on the list (and it is incomplete) you can ask on the Facebook group.

Where does the quote in the opening come from?

  • The source of the introductory quotes can be found on the page for each introduction, check the list of show intros to find the one you want

Where does the quote for a specific segment come from?

  • The source of the quotes for segments can be found on the individual segment pages, check the list of segments to find the one you want

Common reference questions

What does the injoke armature mean?

What does yodel mountain mean?


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What do I get

When will they read out my name

  • New Patrons are read out on the Tuesday after they join, and at the $5 or more patron level, your name will be read out weekly on Fridays show after 1 month of pledging.

How many letters in a patron name?

  • Approximately 64. It will let you type forever so after you save the changes make sure to click on "Your Profile" to make sure nothing got cut off.

How do I change my Patreon name?

How do I get the Ad free feed?

What podcast app do people use?

Are there other ways to support the show?

  • YES!
    • Rate and Review on ITunes, Stitcher or whatever podcast app you use
    • Share the show link on Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit
    • Tell your friends and your enemies

The show donated money to a political group using money from patrons. I'm a patron but I live outside the US. Is that legal?
*Yes, as stated in the listener question segment of oa207 these donations are made in the hosts name in compliance with election laws.


Does OA have a book club?

  • Yes, a Facebook Group has been established but it is no way affiliated with the show or the official Facebook group. It is run by fans for fans.

Does OA have local meet-ups?


What was the code for ___?

Why are there ads?


What do I do if I have a suggestion or complaint about the show?

  • As per the outro: "For questions, suggestions and complaints: email us at moc.liamg|stnemugrAnepO#moc.liamg|stnemugrAnepO."
  • Try to avoid complaining on the twitter or facebook pages:
    • You're probably not the first so it can become tiresome for other fans, and especially the guys to see the same complaints over and over
    • If you think you're doing it in a funny way remember that what seems funny to you won't to every one else

Why does Thomas keep interrupting?

  • "We at OA believe we have found a balance we like and currently welcome Thomas' constant interrupting of Andrew's endless lectures."
    • If Thomas does cut Andrew off and the conversation gets derailed we suggest you write down what he was saying and ask him moc.liamg|stnemugranepo#ereh or post to the Facebook group and tag him.
  • Otherwise feel free to send them an email at moc.liamg|stnemugranepo#moc.liamg|stnemugranepo

Can the audio issues be fixed on episodes 185-194?

  • Brian Ziegenhagen works hard to address all the audio issues. Past episodes will not be fixed.
  • If you hear a problem with the audio chances are they heard it too and are working to fix it before the next episode. Some issues may take a couple episodes to fix

A statement on the show was offensive and it went unchallenged, what can I do?

  • As Andrew has stated in OA207 "We intend for this to be a challenging show" in response to a listener question about this
  • Before contacting the show please listen to the comment you found offensive a second time to make sure you fully understand the statement in the context of the discussion
  • Remember if you're behind to catch-up a bit first to make sure your concerns aren't addressed later