The Opening Arguments Foundation was formed in 2022 to promote the public understanding of the law; to counteract right-wing propaganda that misinforms people about the nature and role of the judiciary; to empower the next generation of lawyers, judges, and academics to defend progressive principles in law and justice; and to support grassroots activism and like-minded organizations working to protect us from an activist extremist judiciary.

In 2022, we watched the Supreme Court roll back women’s rights and human rights, and set into motion mechanisms that threaten to overturn progressive legislation, suppress political participation, undermine democracy, and empower the most-privileged in society at the expense of the least-well off. The Opening Arguments Foundation was established to fight back against these disturbing trends,


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June 2022

Board of Directors

Andrew Torrez
Thomas Smith
Tom Curry
Morgan Stringer
Eli Bosnick
Linsey Osterman
Teresa Gomez


New nonprofit aids those affected by Supreme Court decisions


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