Andrew and Thomas review law related movies and break down where they got it wrong and sometimes right

LAM #001: The Firm

LAM #002: Miracle on 34th Street

  • Guests: include Eli Bosnick (God Awful Movies Podcast) and Sam (Comedy Shoe Shine Podcast)
  • Thomas admits Eli is the cause of all of his success but Andrew does not
  • Released to non-patrons as a gift for Christmas 2017

LAM #3: Runaway Jury

LAM #4: Changing Lanes

  • Sam (Comedy Shoe Shine Podcast)

LAM #5: Chicago Justice Episode 1: "Fake"

LAM #6: Double Jeopardy

LAM #7: Legally Blonde

LAM #8: Jury Duty

LAM #9: The Devil's Advocate

LAM #10: The Chamber

  • Guest: Sam (Comedy Shoe Shine Podcast)

LAM #11: The Trial of the Incredible Hulk

  • No guests

LAM #12: Body of Evidence

LAM #13: Meet Your Strawman

  • No guests

LAM #14: Judge Dredd

  • Guest: Sam (Comedy Shoe Shine Podcast)

LAM #15: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

LAM #16: Matlock - The Judge

  • No guests

LAM #17: My Cousin Vinny

  • This episode came out on April 1st

LAM #18: Ally McBeal "The Pilot"

  • No guests

LAM #19: The Running Man