December 4, 2017

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From The Official Website:

Today’s special episode tackles the breaking news that Gen. Michael Flynn has pled guilty in connection with the Mueller investigation. To break down the significance of this deal, we welcome back Prof. Randall Eliason.

After that, Andrew answers a bunch of listener questions regarding the tax bill that just passed the Senate.

Show Notes & Links

  1. This is a copy of the Flynn plea deal; he’s pled guilty to one count of violating 18 U.S.C. § 1001.
  2. Prof. Eliason’s “Sidebars” blog is here, and you can read his latest Washington Post article about Flynn by clicking here.
  3. We referenced statements by Seth Abramson (scroll forward to linked reply #6); Alan Dershowitz, and a pretty awful article by Andrew McCarthy in the National Review.

It's in the Constitution
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  • [00:00:00] Commercial
  • [00:00:08] Intro
  • [00:03:30] Yodel Mountain: Interview about the Michael Flynn plea deal with with Randall Eliason
    • [00:06:20] Seth Abramson: Deals like this are offered only when they can incriminate someone higher up the food chain than them
    • [00:08:52] Are there any contra-indicators to that? Is it possible the overall case is so weak is the best they can do?
    • [00:10:31] What other things does this plea bargain leave for Flynn to be prosecuted for?
    • [00:13:46] Is the plea deal conditional on success?
    • [00:16:33] Does this give us any indication where the investigation is?
    • [00:19:26] Trump Tweet
    • [00:22:05] Alan Dershowitz: Michael Flynn is of no value
    • [00:29:11] Speculation
    • [00:36:26] Andrew McCarthy in the National Review
    • [00:47:52] Would Trump getting the Mueller Investigation shut down amount to obstruction of justice?
  • [00:51:33] Commercial
  • [00:53:39] Closed Arguments: Is writing scrawled on a bill legal? Can they even know what they're voting on?
    • [01:02:45] John Kerry 2004
  • [01:05:03] New Patron Thanks
  • [01:06:35] Thomas Takes the Bar Exam: Constitutionality of a cigarette tax used for an anti-smoking campaign (answer)
  • [01:13:39] Outro

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