April 30, 2018

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Today’s episode discusses the recent fines levied against Wells Fargo in connection with two specific acts of egregious fraud against consumers. Is it enough? Is it proof that Trump (and Mick Mulvaney) intend rigorous defense of consumers at the CFPB? Listen and find out!

First, we delve into a grab bag of items, beginning with a heartfelt apology and Andrew Was Wrong regarding trans language. Next, we deal with a couple of wacky legal cases, before settling in on a bevy of new gun control laws passed in Maryland. Phew!

Then, we move into a discussion of Trump v. Hawaii, which was argued before the Supreme Court last week. What’s the latest on the Travel Ban?

After that, our “C” segment breaks down everything Wells Fargo.

Finally, we end with the answer to Thomas Takes the Bar Exam Question #73 about lessees, assignees, and joint and several liability.

Show Notes & Links

  1. From our grab bag: here is a link to the Kobach memo that’s PROBABLY NOT WORTH ARGUING; this is the New York Post report on the hilarious Make America Great Again bar lawsuit; and this is the link to all the gun control bills passed in Maryland.
  2. We first discussed outgoing Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s cease-and-desist order against Wells Fargo back in Episode 146. The current enforcement action by the OCC can be read here.
  3. We first discussed Trump’s (then only proposed) Muslim ban way back in Episode #16, when the conventional wisdom was that it was so unthinkably awful it might lead the Republican Party to replace him at the top of the ticket. Ah, good times.
  4. Since then, we’ve discussed the legality of the ban again (in Episode 39), the 9th Circuit’s ruling on EO-1 (in Episode 43), and, most recently, the status of OA-2 in Episode 114. In this episode, we cite to the Government’s reply brief before the Supreme Court.

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  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:02:20] Closed Arguments (Andrew Was Wrong): Trans Language
  • [00:04:44] Proving citizenship to vote
  • [00:07:30] MAGA hats and being thrown out of bars
  • [00:13:00] New Maryland gun control laws
  • [00:19:29] Breakin' (Down) The Law Oral arguments - Trump's Travel Ban
    • [00:29:44] 8 US Code §1152A vs 8 US Code §1182F
    • [00:32:42] City of Heilala
  • [00:39:42] Are You A Cop? Wells Fargo fines
    • [00:48:33] Mortgage rates lock fees
    • [00:51:43] Autoloans and insurers of last resort
    • [00:58:28] Mick Mulvaney on lobbyists and grassroots campaigns
    • [01:00:52] Outcome
  • [01:03:33] New Patron Tuesday
  • [01:07:36] Thomas Takes The Bar Exam: Landlords and a friend taking over the lease (answer)
  • [01:17:59] Outro

Follow up

  • Episode 210: Reuters reports that Wells Fargo's remediation plan was rejected by the OCC