September 3, 2018

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From The Official Website:

Today’s episode takes us back to Yodel Mountain, where we take a look at a popular article making the rounds suggesting that (you guessed it) this ONE WEIRD TRICK might unravel the entire Mueller investigation. Should you be worried? (No.)

We begin, however, with the rare (but delightful!) Thomas Was Right segment revisiting 3-D guns and the Arms Export Control Act. What’s going on? Listen and find out!

In the main segment, we take apart this Politico story suggesting that McKeever v. Sessions hold the key to Yodel Mountain.

After that, we tour what’s left of Yodel Mountain to discuss the latest developments with our buddy Paulie M. Did he really try to plead out in advance of his next trial? What’s next on the horizon for everyone’s favorite ostrich-vest-wearing money launderer?

Then, we end with Thomas (and Andrew!) Take the Bar Exam Question #91 regarding the separation of church and state and graduation prayers.

Show Notes & Links

  1. Here’s the injunction granted in the 3-D guns case.
  2. This is the Politico story regarding McKeever v. Sessions.

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  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:02:18] Thomas was right about 3-D guns case and the Arms Export Control Act
    • [00:05:25] What to court said
  • [00:16:45] B Segment McKeever v. Sessions
    • [00:23:00] Use in the Mueller investigation
    • [00:25:40] Breakdown
  • [00:34:23] Commercial
  • [00:36:15] Yodel Mountain: Manafort Trials
    • [00:45:45] Motivation for change of venue
  • [00:46:00] Commercial
  • [00:47:37] More on Manafort
  • [00:53:55] New Patron Tuesday
  • [01:04:30] Thomas Takes the Bar Exam: Prayer at a student graduation (answer)
  • [01:12:41] Outro

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