September 6, 2018

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Today’s Rapid Response Friday tackles the ongoing Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings for Brett Kavanaugh — including an analysis of documents that broke literally after we recorded the show! Find out if any of this can slow down Kavanaugh’s presumed path the SCOTUS.

We begin, however, with listener feedback on our rather controversial Episode 205 (with Andrew Seidel) as well as follow-up emails regarding 3-D guns and our contributions to SwingLeft.

After that, we break down the critical documents leaked today by Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) that show 1) Kavanaugh’s nakedly partisan approach to the court; 2) Kavanaugh’s nonexistent view of the value of precedent when it comes to Roe v. Wade; and 3) possible perjury. Is this a big deal? YES. Will it move the needle? We’ll see.

After that, we return to Yodel Mountain to discuss Paul Manafort’s impending DC trial and the somewhat-overlooked plea by W. Samuel Patten. Who’s that? Listen and find out!

Finally, we end with an all new Thomas Takes The Bar Exam #92 regarding impeaching the testimony of a gang member at trial.

Show Notes & Links

  1. Here are the Kavanaugh email and Kavanaugh email 2 documents discussed during the main segment. For more Kavanaugh document fun, check out this comprehensive New York Times article.
  2. This is W. Samuel Patten’s Criminal Information, to which he pled guilty, and here is the Statement of the Offense, which explains the connection to the Trump campaign and White House.
  3. Finally, this is the late-breaking document showing possible perjury.

Law Talkin' Stuff

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  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:02:20] Listener Questions: Listeners had an issue with a comment made by Andrew Seidel from OA205
    • [00:07:50] Is it legal to donate Patreon money, from patrons that are not US citizens, to political causes ?
    • [00:10:10] 3-D guns could not be easily printed and the fear is ridiculous
  • [00:14:20] Brett Kavanaugh hearings
    • [00:19:25] Emails about Roe v. Wade
    • [00:40:00] Potential consequences to Cory Booker for releasing the emails
  • [00:44:55] Commercial
  • [00:46:45] Breaking News about Brett Kavanaugh
  • [00:53:40] Yodel Mountain: Manafort update
  • [01:03:30] Patron Hall of Fame
  • [01:10:00] Thomas Takes the Bar Exam: Impeachment of the testimony of a gang member at trial (question)
  • [01:14:05] Outro

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