November 1, 2018

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Today’s Rapid Response Friday revisits some cases we’ve previously discussed with recent positive developments: the Summer Zervos lawsuit and the future of political gerrymandering in Pennsylvania.

We begin with the Zervos lawsuit we first covered in Episode 176, in which a state trial court judge has ordered Donald Trump to respond to discovery served by Zervos’s attorney. What’s next for the President and why does it have Yodel Mountain implications? You’ll have to listen and find out!

After that, we revisit our discussion from Episodes 146 and 148 regarding the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s opinion redrawing congressional maps in that state. The U.S. Supreme Court — and yes, that’s the Brett Kavanaugh-and-Neil-Gorsuch-laden Supreme Court! — just declined to intervene to protect the Republicans. Why is that, and how is that a map forward? We tell all!

Then, we return to the Gary Hart story we discussed last episode. Was Hart really set up? Listen and find out!

Finally, we end with an all new Thomas Takes The Bar Exam #100 that is the dreaded real property question Thomas needs to get right in order to hit “60% at the half.” Can he do it?!?? You’ll have to listen and find out!

Show Notes & Links

  1. Click here to read the cert petition in Turzai v. Brandt and here to read the opposition.
  2. This is the James Savage response on Gary Hart.

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  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:03:40] Summer Zervos lawsuit update
    • [00:05:25] Clinton v. Jones
    • [00:08:25] The process outlined
    • [00:13:45] Deposition of Donald Trump
    • [00:27:25] Sanctions
  • [00:29:32] Commercial
  • [00:31:42] League of Women Voters v. Pennsylvania
    • [00:40:40] Cert Petition
  • [00:47:45] Commercial
  • [00:49:25] Andrew Was Wrong Gary Hart conspiracy
  • [01:01:07] Patron Hall of Fame: Property Law; Mortgage (question)
  • [01:07:10] Thomas Takes the Bar Exam
  • [01:17:00] Outro

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