December 6, 2018

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From The Official Website:

Today’s Rapid Response episode takes a look at two pressing issues: (1) Mueller’s [REDACTED] sentencing memorandum with respect to Michael Flynn, and (2) the naked power grab by lame-duck Republicans in Wisconsin. Along the way, we’ll also cover a bunch more legal stories, but you knew that already!

We begin high atop Yodel Mountain, where we cover not only the [REDACTED] Flynn memorandum but also Roger Stone taking 5 and a truly bizarre conspiracy theory advanced by Rudy Giuliani.

Then, it’s time for the main segment, in which we tackle Wisconsin SB 887 and its component bills that are designed to weaken drastically the strength of the incoming Democratic governor, Tony Evers. Is it as bad as everyone says it is? (It’s worse.)

After that, it’s time for a brief Andrew Was Wrong segment. Turns out Andrew Was Wrong about both Julian Assange and American paddlefish!

Finally, we end with an all new Thomas Takes The Bar Exam #102 on evidence and the admissibility of hearsay. Find out how Thomas outsources the decision and more.

Show Notes & Links

  1. You can read the (non-censored) baseline Sentencing Memorandum filed by Mueller here, and the [REDACTED] Supplemental by clicking here.
  2. Here are the texts of the various Wisconsin bills: SB 884, SB 886, and the final bill, SB 887.

Law Talkin' Stuff






  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:05:40] Andrew's story about business professionals preparing to leave the US if needed
  • [00:20:15] Yodel Mountain: Flynn
    • [00:24:40] Redacted content
    • [00:27:40] Un-redacted text
  • [00:35:00] Stone pleads the 5th
  • [00:37:45] Rudy Giuliani's hacked tweet
  • [00:44:00] Elections Don't Have Consequences Wisconsin power grab
    • [00:48:00] What the bills do
    • [00:55:40] Health care SB 886
    • [01:00:30] Constitutionality
  • [01:05:12] Andrew Was Wrong: Julian Assange is a hacker
    • [01:07:10] Paddle fish lawsuit
  • [01:09:30] Patron Hall of Fame
  • [01:16:35] Thomas Takes The Bar Exam: Fourth amendment, interception, and motion to suppress (question)
  • [01:24:35] Outro
  • [01:26:20] Out Takes

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