January 3, 2019

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From The Official Website:

Today’s episode takes a deep dive into the potential criminal liability for Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) in connection with the 2018 California Wildfires and the c-hook that just might be the linchpin to the whole thing. Are people going to prison? Listen and find out!

We begin by celebrating a brand-new holiday: Oversight Day, with the inauguration of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. We talk about funding, job postings, and how they all relate to Yodel Mountain.

After that it’s time to get deep — and we mean deep — into PG&E’s latest court filing, what it has to do with a 2010 explosion and a 2016 order, and what really caused the California Camp Fire. Along the way you’ll learn about obstruction of justice (again!), the Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act (really!), and how a corporation can have an “abandoned and malignant heart.”

Then we end with an all new Thomas Takes The Bar Exam #108 about interstate car collectors-slash-thieves.

Show Notes & Links

  1. Your Oversight Day goodies include (a) this fabulous Savannah Guthrie interview with Speaker Pelosi; (b) this equally fabulous Twitter chain from Paul Krugman; (c) the House operations budget for 2019; (d) the Axios story on Republicans seeking to hire investigative counsel; and (e) the screenshot of the jobs posting.
  2. PG&E filings include (a) the PGE Superseding indictment; (b) the jury verdict; (c) the Sentencing and probationary conditions entered by the court; (d) the Court’s Nov. 27, 2018 written questions about the wildfires; (e) the Court’s supplemental order seeking an amicus from the California Attorney General’s office; (f) the answers filed by PGE – PGE Answers, the US Attorneys’ Office, and the California AG; and finally, the PGE written Report – Exhibit A that contains the information discussed on the show.

Law Talkin' Stuff






  • [00:00:00] Intro
  • [00:03:55] Let's Get Political: Savannah Guthrie interview with Speaker Pelosi
    • [00:08:35] Paul Krugman on Pelosi
    • [00:12:40] House budget and Axios story
    • [00:17:05] Trumps tax returns
  • [00:18:05] Thomas Was Wrong: Casual Bruce Springsteen fans do exist
  • [00:22:00] PG&E and 2018 California Wildfires
    • [00:25:45] Natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
    • [00:29:30] 18 US Code §1505
    • [00:31:30] Probation for a company
  • [00:33:30] Commercial
    • [00:35:15] Probation violation
    • [00:43:45] 4 potential scenarios
    • [00:53:00] PGE written Report – Exhibit A
    • [00:56:20] C-hook
  • [00:59:42] Standards of criminal intent
  • [01:07:00] Patron Hall of Fame
  • [01:12:45] Thomas Takes The Bar Exam: Interstate car collectors/thieves (question)
  • [01:20:00] Outro

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