This project is to try to make a page for every existing Opening Arguments episode.

The current list of episodes with pages.

Create a new page:

  • For instructions on creating a new page, follow this link: episodes-new
  • oa180 - already assigned to someone to create

New page

  • These pages are tagged "new-episode"
  • Newly created pages using the above instructions
  • They are to be checked to see what need to be done to them to get them to "reviewed" level
  • After checking remove the tag and replace with appropriate tags

Pages needing content

Pages needing template added

These pages are tagged: "clean-up-needed"
Copy the contents of the page: oa-template to the new page
Once the template is added remove the tag and replace it with "template-proof"

Pages needing official summary
  • These pages are tagged "summary-needed"
  • Instructions:
    • Replace the words "release date" with the release date from the official page.
    • Copy the summary from the official page. Place "> " before each paragraph. Keep the same punctuation.
    • Copy the Show Notes & Links from the official page. Place "> # " before each paragraph. Note: the spaces are important.
    • Copy the links from the official page to the summary & show notes section, as they are on the official page.* Remove the tag when finished and add the "proofread-summary" tag for final check
Pages needing times
  • These pages are tagged "time-hack-needed"
  • This one requires listening to an episode an noting the times the segments, etc, begin. It's a commitment, but you do get to listen to old episodes.
  • Instructions
    • Follow the style guide where possible.
    • Remember to get the times from the free version of the episode (not the patreon version). If there are commercials note the start and end time of them.
    • Find the "Content" section of the page.
    • Replace the "show-intro-?" with the appropriate show intro page name. (see the list of show intros.
    • When a new segment starts:
      • Note the times each segment it starts, in the form [hh:mm:ss] add it to the Content section.
      • Add the name of the segment surrounded by **[[[ and ]]]**, the name should be the list of segments. If not just place the new name in the brackets.
    • Add any extra information to identify the topic they are discussing.
    • If a new topic or discussion starts during a segment, place it on the following line with it's own time. Do so whenever a new topic begins. Place a space before the "*" to indent the time
    • If the episode doesn't have commercials, remove the "(The time stamps above are derived from the audio provided on the official website; they may vary from audio without ads that are provided through the patreon feed.)" disclaimer.
    • Add tags for any segments appearing in the episode.
    • Remember to listen until the end of an episode and note any out-takes that appear.
  • Remove the tag when finished and add the "proofread-cleanup" tag for final check.
Pages needing details
  • These pages are tagged "need-details"
  • This is to create links under the various heading to thing bought up in the show The best way to do this is listening to the episodes at the same time as the times are added, but it can be partially constructed from the show notes and the time hack
  • Instructions
    • Add any details from the episode that fall under the various headings on the page, adding [[[ before it and ]]] after.
    • Attempt to place the details added in alphabetical order within the details.
    • Lawsplaining (US and state laws)
      • US Code - linked in the form [[[##usc-### |## US Code §###]]]
    • Law Court Things (Cases)
      • In the form //[[[Name v. Name]]]// or //[[[short-name-v-short-name |Long name v. Long name]]]///
    • People - Alphabetize the names by first name. Do not add the names of listeners mentioned.
    • If any of the headings or sub-heading are not used in this episode place: [!-- before and --] after the section.
    • Add tags for any details.
  • Remove the tag when finished, and add the "proofread-details" tag
Rejected Content
  • These episode pages are tagged: "fix-episode"
  • These pages need special attention to get them ready for review

Proof-reading and finalisation

  • Epiosdes are tagged with "proofread-details" "proofread-cleanup" "proofread-summary" and "proofread-template"
  • When complete remove all four maintenance tags and add "reviewed"
  • If the page requires fixing before it can be passed as reviewed:
    • If it needs the template added or checked, remove "proofread-template" and add "clean-up-needed" and "fix-episode"
    • If it needs the official summary added or checked, remove "proofread-summary" and add "summary-needed" and "fix-episode"
    • If it needs the times added or checked, remove "proofread-summary" and add "time-hack-needed" and "fix-episode"
    • If it needs the details added or checked, remove "proofread-details" and add "details-needed" and "fix-episode"

Pages with tags removed

  • Pages which have had maintenance tags removed