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Step 1 - Initial Creation

  • Create a page with name the page oa? (for example oa1 or oa100). There are three ways to do this, follow the link for details. Do not put a colon ":" or the subtitle in the page name.
  • Copy the contents of the page: oa-template to the new page.
  • Title the page with the title from the official page, in the form OA #???: title (for example OA #001: "The Story Begins" - Introducing the Show & Segments or OA #100: Trump's Trans Ban & Arpaio Pardon). To find the official page for each episode follow this link.
  • Copy the link from the official page for this episode onto the new page replacing https://openargs.com/EPISODE-LINK with it.
  • If there is a guest:
    • add the guest's name under the "guest" heading. Link the guest's name to their page (Use the button in the above menu or surround the guest's name with [[[ and ]]].
    • Tag the episode with the guests name (in the form firstname-surname (with the dash)) followed by "-guest." (for example andrew-seidel-guest or travis-wester-guest).
    • If the guest only appears in the TTTBE segment add (Thomas Takes the Bar Exam segment only).
  • If there is no guest remove the guest section. If you are unsure if there is a guest add [!-- before and --] after the guest section.

Step 2 - From the official page

  • Replace the words "release date" with the release date from the official page.
  • Copy the summary from the official page. Place "> " before each paragraph. Keep the same punctuation.
  • Do not copy the "Recent Appearances" if there is one, instead add that information to the appropriate appearance pages (Appearances by Andrew or Appearance by Thomas) if possible
  • Copy the Show Notes & Links from the official page. Place "> # " before each paragraph. Note: the spaces are important.
  • Copy the links from the official page to the summary & show notes section, as they are on the official page.

Steps 3 & 4 are best done while listening to the episode, if possible done together.

Step 3 - Times

  • Follow the style guide where possible.
  • Remember to get the times from the free version of the episode (not the patreon version). If there are commercials note the start and end time of them.
  • Find the "Content" section of the page.
  • Replace the "show-intro-?" with the appropriate show intro page name. (see the list of show intros.
  • When a new segment starts:
    • Note the times each segment it starts, in the form [hh:mm:ss] add it to the Content section.
    • If it IS an unnamed segment (The A Segments, Main Segment, etc) just place that in bold (** before and after the segment name or B on the formatting menu).
    • Add the name of the segment. The name should be the list of segments. Bold and link the segment name (either via the above menu or surround it with **[[[ and ]]]**,
    • Add any extra information to identify the topic they are discussing outside the linked episode name
  • If a new topic or discussion starts during a segment, place it on the following line with its own time. Do so whenever a new topic begins. Place a space before the "*" to indent the time
  • If the episode doesn't have commercials, remove the "(The time stamps above are derived from the audio provided on the official website; they may vary from audio without ads that are provided through the patreon feed.)" disclaimer
  • Add tags for any segments appearing in the episode
  • Add the tag:

Step 4 - Details

The details section is between the official website section and the contents

  • Add any details from the episode that fall under the various headings on the page, adding [[[ before it and ]]] after.
  • Attempt to place the details added in alphabetical order within the details.
  • Lawsplaining (US and state laws)
    • US Code - linked in the form [[[##usc-### |## US Code ยง###]]]
  • Law Court Things (Cases)
    • In the form //[[[Name v. Name]]]// or //[[[short-name-v-short-name |Long name v. Long name]]]///.
  • People - Alphabetize the names by first name. Do not add the names of listeners mentioned.
  • If any of the headings or sub-heading are not used in this episode place: [!-- before and --] after the section.
  • Add tags for any details.

Step 5 - Add Tags

  • Always add the tags
oa-episode new-episode episode-content

Remember to add the tags: