If you are going to “re-listen” to an older OA Episode that already has a page, it would be great if you would also check it for the information below, and if any is missing please update WikiArg’s corresponding episode page.

Can be done without listening
  • Check for missing tags
  • If possible, find citation information for any cases and add it between the linked case name and the year
  • For older episodes, check if this page has any follow-ups in later episodes; if so, cite them in older episode
  • Check that any commercial is properly linked and tagged
Done while listening
  • Add any predictions made by Andrew, Thomas or a guest to the predictions page
  • Add any promises (crazy or otherwise) made by Andrew, Thomas or a guest to the promises page
  • Add any potential topics for future episodes (not previews for a following episode) to the whiteboard
  • If the episode mentions that it is updating a past episode, do one of the following:
    • if episode page exists, add "[[[oa??|Episode ??]]] brief description of update" to the page mentioned (where ?? is the number of this episode)
    • If episode page does not exist, add the information to this page
  • Check that the sponsor tag is correct
  • Try to be aware of in-jokes and references, especially first or early appearances of them
  • Watch for music and other audio clips used in the episode that are not part of segment introductions or the opening

Remember, don't let these get in the way of your fun listening. Do as many or as few as you can