This project is to try to make pages for Topics covered in Opening Arguments episodes

Create a Topic page

  • This is the list of topics that currently have pages
  • The following pages ones we'd prefer you do first, but if you are happier doing another that's not listed below, go ahead. If possible add "assigned" and your name or handle:
  • You can also find pages to create via broken links on an episode or other pages
  • To create a new page, follow this link: topics-new

Check Pages

  • Only check a page that you didn't create. Every page needs a second set of eyes
  • Pick a page from the list below
  • Try to get the topic to match the quality of the reviewed Topics
  • These pages need to be checked for missing content.
  • If page has no missing content remove the "topic-content" tag and add "topic-proof"
Pages to be checked

Rechecking Content

  • These pages need special attention to get them ready for review as they have failed to achieve that level
  • When complete remove the "fix-topic" tag and replace it with the "topic-proof" tag
Pages to be rechecked