• Dialogue from Saturday Night Live Jurassic World theme park on trail

Juror We have reached a verdict already. We all just kind of looked at each other and nodded. We find the defendant guilty of charges.

  • Dialogue from the movie Liar Liar:

Fletcher Reede …weight, 105? Yeah, in your bra.
Dana Appleton Your honor, I object.
Fletcher Reede You would.
Dana Appleton Bastard!
Fletcher Reede Hag!
Judge Stevens : QUIET!

  • Dialogue from the The Good Fight "Day 457: Season 2 | Episode 8":


Diane Lockhart: "Whether it's res judicata or stare decisis, there is no basis for imposing some draconian policy with regards to bail, nunc pro tunc."
Prosecutor: "Your Honor, the defense is now just making up words."

  • Dialogue from Legally Blonde (2001):

Friend 1 We came to see your trial. Look how cute. There's like a judge and everything. and Jury People.
Friend 2 Vote for Elle!
Judge Ladies take a seat.

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