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No Type Subject Question episode Answer episode Answer Thomas's Answer Score Thomas 2nd Chance Answer 2nd Chance Score Notes
#1 Real Property Specific performance OA26 OA27 C C 1-for-1 (100%) N/A
#2 Lawsuit Negligence per se OA27 OA28 C A 1-for-2 (50%) C 1-for-1 (100%)
#3 Lawsuit Federal Rules of Evidence 702 OA28 OA30 C D 1-for-3 (33%) C 2-for-2 (100%)
#4 Lawsuit Tort of trespass OA30 OA31 B B 2-for-4 (50%) C N/A
#5 Lawsuit Garnishment OA32 OA33 D D 3-for-5 (60%) C N/A
#6 Family Law Oral prenuptial agreement OA34 OA35 C C 4-for-6 (67%) A N/A
#7 Lawsuit Hearsay OA36 OA37 C C 5-for-7 (71%) N/A N/A
#8 Lawsuit Tort of trespass OA38 OA39 A A 6-for-8 (75%) N/A N/A
#9 Real Property Lien OA40 OA41 D C 6-for-9 (66.7%) D 3-for-3 (100%)
#10 Lawsuit Malicious prosecution OA42 OA43 B A 6-for-10 (60%) N/A N/A
#11 Lawsuit Rule 1002 of the Federal Rules of Evidence OA44 OA45 D B 6-for-11 (54.5%) N/A N/A
#12 Lawsuit Prior bad acts of a witness OA46 OA47 A A 7-for-12 (58.3%) N/A N/A
#13 Lawsuit Exception to the hearsay rule OA48 OA49 A D 7-for-13 (54%) N/A N/A
#14 Lawsuit Tort of intentional infliction of emotional distress OA50 OA51 A A 8-for-14 (57%) D N/A
#15 Lawsuit Exception to the hearsay rule OA52 OA53 A D 8-for-15 (53%) N/A N/A
#16 Lawsuit Contracts OA54 OA55 A A 9-for-16 (56%) N/A N/A
#17 Lawsuit Common law theory of fraud OA56 OA57 A A 10-for-17 (59%) N/A N/A
#18 Lawsuit Unconstitutional law OA58 OA59 D B 10-for-18 (55.6%) N/A N/A
#19 Lawsuit Diversity jurisdiction OA60 OA61 D A 10-for-19 (52.6%) N/A N/A
#20 Lawsuit Unconstitutional law OA62 OA63 D D 11-for-20 (55%) N/A N/A
#21 Lawsuit Due process clause of the 14th Amendment OA64 OA65 A D 11-for-21 (52.4%) N/A N/A Guest: Phil Ferguson (A) 1-to-1 (100%)
#22 Lawsuit Contracts OA66 OA67 C B 11-for-22 (50%) N/A N/A
#23 Lawsuit Breach of contract OA68 OA69 D B 11-for-23 (47.8%) D 4-for-4 (100%)
#24 Lawsuit Hearsay OA70 OA71 D B 11-for-24 (45.8%) D 5-for-5 (100%)
#25 Lawsuit Negligence Motion to dismiss OA72 OA73 A C 11-for-25 (44%) A 6-for-6 (100%)
#26 Lawsuit Admissible evidence OA74 OA75 C B 11-for-26 (42.3%) C 7-for-7 (100%)
#27 Lawsuit Punitive damages OA76 OA77 C C 12-for-27 (44.4%) A N/A
#28 Lawsuit Tort of conversion OA78 OA79 D D 13-for-28 (46.4%) B N/A
#29 Lawsuit Assumption of risk doctrine OA80 OA81 C B 13-for-29 (44.8%) C 8-for-8 (100%) Guest: Denise Hollow (A) 0-for-1 (0%)
#30 Lawsuit Admissibility of a question on cross OA82 OA83 A A 14-for-30 (46.67%) B N/A Guest: Andrew Seidel (A) 1-for-1 (100%)
#31 Lawsuit Damages for breach of contract/ Statute of frauds OA84 OA85 C C 15-for-31 (48.4%) D N/A
#32 Lawsuit SPCA Motion to dismiss OA86 OA87 D B 15-for-32 (46.9%) A 8-for-9 (88.89%)
#33 Lawsuit Unlawful search OA88 OA89 A A 16-for-33 (48.5%) D N/A
#34 Lawsuit Testify sexual predisposition under the federal rules of evidence OA90 OA91 C C 17-for-34 (50%) B N/A
#35 Lawsuit Negligence OA92 OA93 B B 18-for-35 (51.4%) B N/A
#36 Lawsuit Defamation/Libel per se OA94 OA95 A A 19-for-36 (52.78%) C N/A
#37 Lawsuit Breach of contract OA96 OA97 D D 20-for-37 (54%) A N/A
#38 | Lawsuit Federal rules of evidence OA98 OA99 C C 21-for-38 (55.26%) A N/A
#39 Lawsuit Hearsay/Objection to proposed testimony OA100 OA101 B B 22-for-39 (56.4%) C N/A
#40 Jury instruction OA102 OA103 A A 23-for-40 (57.5%) C N/A
#41 Criminal Law Admissible evidence OA104 OA105 B B 24-for-41 (58.5%) A N/A
#42 Lawsuit Expert witness of art OA106 OA107 D B 24-for-42 (57.1%) D 9-for-10 (90%)
#43 Contract Equity action for specific performance OA108 OA109 D C 24-for-43 (55.8%) A N/A
#44 Lawsuit Hearsay OA110 OA111 C A 24-for-44 (54.5%) D N/A Guest: Andrew Seidel (A) 1-for-2 (50%)
#45 Lawsuit Due process under 14th Amendment and 5th Amendment's taking clause OA112 OA113 D D 25-for-45 (55.6%) A N/A
#46 Family Law Oral prenuptial agreement OA114 OA115 C C 26-for-46 (56.5%) A N/A Repeat of Question #6
#47 Lawsuit Landlord immunity OA116 OA117 B B 27-for-47 (57.4%) D N/A
#48 Lawsuit Hearsay OA118 OA119 D D 28-for-48 (58.3%) B N/A
#49 Lawsuit Unconscionability OA120 OA121 D D 29-for-49 (59.18%) B N/A
#50 Common Law Assault OA122 OA123 B B 30-for-50 (60%) A N/A
#51 Lawsuit Standing OA124 OA125 D D 31-for-51 (60.8%) B N/A
#52 Lawsuit Congressional authority OA126 OA127 B B 32-for-52 (61.5%) A N/A
#53 Lawsuit Witness impeachment OA128 OA129 B D 32-for 53 (60.4%) B 10-for-11 (90.9%)
#54 Personal injury Attorney-client privilege OA130 OA131 C D 32-for-54 (59.25%) B N/A Guest: Andrew Seidel (D) 1-for-3 (33.34%)
#55 Lawsuit Recovery of damages OA132 OA133 B B 33-for-55 (60%) A N/A
#56 Lawsuit Conversion OA134 OA135 C B 33-for-56 (58.9%) C 11-for-12 (91.67%)
#57 Lawsuit Trespass/Property rights OA136 OA137 C A 33-for-57 (57.9%) C 12-for-13 (92.23%) Guest: Yvette d'Entremont (C) is 1-for-1 (100%)
#58 Lawsuit Contracts OA138 OA139 C B 33-for-58 (56.9%) D N/A Guest: Cara Santa Maria (B) 0-for-1 (0%)
#59 Lawsuit Recovering damages OA140 OA141 D D 34-for-59 (57.6%) B N/A
#60 Lawsuit Battery OA142 OA143 B D 34-for-60 (56.67%) A N/A
#61 Lawsuit Assault OA144 OA145 D D 35-for-61 (57.4%) C
#62 Contracts Statute of frauds OA146 OA147 A D 35-for-62 (56.5%) A 13-for-14 (92.86%) Guest: Lucien Greaves (D) 0-for-1 (0%)
#63 Lawsuit Hearsay OA148 OA149 B C 35-for-63 (55.6%) D N/A
#64 Involuntary manslaughter OA150 OA151 B B 36-for-64 (56.25%) C N/A
#65 Murder OA152 OA153 D D 37-for-65 (56.9%) B N/A
#66 Is it murder? manslaughter? self-defense? OA154 OA155 C C 38-for-66 (57.58%) A N/A Guest: David Michael (C) 1-for-1 (100%)
#67 Criminal Law Murder/Intent OA156 OA157 A B 38-for-67 (56.7%) C 13-for-15 (86.67%)
#68 Contract Damages OA158 OA159 B B 39-for-68 (57.4%) C N/A
#69 Common Law Firefighters rule OA160 OA161 B B 40-for-69 (57.97%) D N/A
#70 Contracts Breach of contract OA162 OA163 C C 41-for-70 (58.6%) A N/A
#71 Lawsuit Is this state law constitutional OA164 OA165 B B 42-for-71 (59.2%) C & D 2nd Chance Score
#72 Real Property Deed OA166 OA167 C A 42-for-72 (58.34%) B 13-for-16 (81.3%)
#73 Real Property Lease OA168 OA169 A C 42-for-73 (57.54%) D 13-for-17 (76.5%) Note
#74 Lawsuit Prior bad acts of a witness OA170 OA171 A C 42-for-74 (56.8%) A 14-for-18 (77.78%) Guest: Andrew Seidel (A) 2-for-4 (50%)
#75 Contract Oral modification OA172 OA173 D B 42-for-75 (56%) D 15-for-19 (78.9%)
#76 Evidence Best evidence rule OA174 OA175 D D 43-for-76 (56.6%) B & C 15-for-19 (78.9%)
#77 Jury Unanimous verdict OA176 OA177 B A 43-for-77 (55.8%) C 15-for-20 (75%)
#78 Lawsuit Hearsay OA178 OA179 A B 43-for-78 (55%) A 16-for-21 (76%)
#79 Real Property Specific performance Q Ep A Ep A A 44-for-79 (55.7%) N/A N/A Guest: Andrew Seidel (A) 3-for-5 (60%)
#80 Lawsuit Negligence OA182 OA183 C C 45-for-80 (56.3%) B N/A
#81 Lawsuit Constitutionality of a appropriations provision OA184 OA185 A C 45-for-81 (55.56%) A 17-for-22 (77.3%)
#82 Evidence Illegal search and seizure OA187 OA188 B B 46-for-82 (56%) C N/A
#83 Lawsuit Assault OA189 OA190 B B 47-for-83 (56.6%) D N/A
#84 Evidence Spousal privilege OA191 OA192 B B 48-for-84 (57%) C 17-for-22 (77.3%)
#85 Real Property Deed Q Ep A Ep A D 48-for-85 (56.5%) A 18-for-23 (78.3%)
#86 Contract Consumer protection OA195 OA196 D D 49-for-86 (56.98%) C N/A
#87 Constitutional law Testifying in a criminal trial OA197 OA198 B B 50-for-87 (57.5%) D N/A
#88 Contract Contract modification OA199 OA200 D D 51-for-88 (57.96%) A N/A
#89 Contracts Damages OA201 OA202 C C 52-for-89 (58.4%) B N/A Guest: Yvette d'Entremont (C) is 2-for-2 (100%)
#90 Torts Negligent/Foresee-ability OA203 OA204 A A 53-for-90 (58.89%) D N/A
#91 Constitutional law Religion OA205 OA206 A A 54-for-91 (59.3%) C N/A Guest: Andrew Seidel (A) 4-for-6 (66.67%)
#92 Evidence Impeach testimony OA207 OA208 C C 55-for-92 (59.8%) N/A N/A
#93 Criminal Law Double jeopardy OA209 OA210 A C 55-for-93 (59.1%) N/A N/A
#94 Constitutional law Rule making authority OA211 OA212 B B 56-for-94 (59.6%) C & A N/A
#95 Evidence Hearsay OA213 OA214 D A 56-for-95 (58.9%) N/A N/A
#96 Contract Breach of contract OA215 OA216 A A 57-for-96 (59.4%) B N/A Guest: Chad Schneider (A) 1-for-1 (100%)
#97 Torts Emotional distress OA217 OA218 A A 58-for-97 (59.8%) B N/A
#98 Constitutional Law Special use permit OA219 OA220 D A 58-for-98 (59.2%) N/A N/A
#99 Criminal Procedure Exclusionary Rule Doctrine OA221 OA222 A A 59-for-99 (59.6%) N/A N/A
#100 Property Law Mortgage OA223 OA224 A D 59-for-100 (59%) A 19-for-24 (79.17%)
#101 Contracts Statue of limitations OA227 OA228 D B 59-for-101 (58.4%) D 20-for-25 (80.00%)
#102 Evidence Hearsay OA229 OA230 D D 60-for-102 (58.8%) B N/A 1-for-1 (100%) Thomas's Coin
#103 Constitutional Law Takings Clause OA231 OA232 D D 61-for-103 (59.2%) C N/A
#104 Evidence Hearsay OA233 OA234 D C 61-for-104 (58.7%) D 21-for-26 (80.77%)
#105 Contracts Consideration OA235 OA236 C B 61-for-105 (58.1%) D 21-for-27 (77.77%)
#106 Jury Instruction OA237 OA238 C B 61-for-106 (57.5%) A 21-for-28 (75%) Guest: Matt Donnelly (A) 0-for-1 (0%)
#107 Libel OA239 OA240 A C 61-for-107 (57%) B 21-for-29 (72.4%)
#108 Constitutional Law OA241 OA242 C C 62-for-108 (57.4%) N/A N/A
#109 Real Property OA243 OA244 C C 63-for-109 (57.8%) D N/A
#110 Liability OA245 OA246 A A 64-for-110 (58.2%) D N/A
#111 Consequential damages OA247 OA248 D B 64-for-111 (57.6%) C 21-for-30 (70%)
#112 Murder or Manslaughter OA249 OA250 D D 65-for-112 (58%) B N/A
#113 Constitutional Law OA251 OA252 B D 65-for-113 (57.5%) C 21-for-31 (67.7%)
#114 Real Property OA253 OA254 A A 66-for-114 (57.9%) N/A N/A Guest: AG (A) 1-for-1 (100%)
#115 Personal injury Federal Rule of Evidence 408 OA255 OA256 A A 67-for-115 (58.3%) C N/A
#116 Civil Tort Liability OA257.5 OA258 A D 67-for-116 (57.8%) N/A N/A
#117 First Amendment OA259 OA260 A A 68-for-117 (58.1%) C N/A
#118 Real Property OA261 OA262 A A 69-for-118 (58.5%) D N/A
#119 Contract OA263 OA264 B C 69-for-119 (58%) B 22-for-32 (68.8%)
#120 Tort Theories of negligence OA265 OA266 A A 70-for-120 (58.3%) B n/a
#121 Constitutional Law Executive orders OA267 OA268 A C 70-for-121 (57.9%) A 23-for-33 (69.7%)
#122 Hearsay OA269 OA270 D D 71-for-122 (58.2%) A N/A
#123 Real Property OA273 OA274 C D 71-for-123 (57.7%) A 23-for-34 (67.6%) Guest: Monica Miller (D) 0-for-1 (0%)
#124 Strict Liability OA275 OA276 C C 72-for-124 (58.0%) B N/A
#125 Evidence OA277 OA278 B C 72-for-125 (57.6%) A N/A Guest: Andrew Seidel (B) 5-for-7 (71.4%)

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