• A segment discussing the legal problems of Donald Trump, it is also used as a reference to Trump's legal troubles
  • In episode 174 Andrew explained the reason for and the importance of this segment:

The strategy of those on the Right - the strategy is to convince you that if Donald Trump is not indicted tomorrow, if he's not impeached in his third week in office, that it's all fake - that there's nothing there, it's all a smoke screen. And it's a… lengthy process and it's a lengthy climb and, you know, we're not sure, just like on the price is right, you know, we're never sure when we get to the top until you fall off.


  • Segments from Richard Nixon's "I'm not a crook" speech:

  • A press conference with Donald Trump:


  • The "Yodel Mountain"tm segment was named after a joke comparing the chances of Donald Trump being impeached and the "Cliffhangers" game in The Price Is Right

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